Duty free James Richardson

Ramon International Airport Duty-Free James Richardson

Ramon International Airport Duty-Free James Richardson

You can find a rich choice of perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, leather, toys at this exclusive Tax-free shop.

Main Rules And Restrictions

You can reach the duty-free area right after the completion of flight check-in and airport control procedures. This shop is located before the passport control desk.

It is required to show your boarding pass and passport. You cannot buy anything without those documents.

It is not allowed (in most cases) to buy more than 10 items of the same name. This rule applies to all goods including alcohol and cigarettes.

Ramon International Airport Duty-Free James Richardson


  • You can benefit from buying local alcohol, which will be cheaper than imported.
  • It is better (almost in all cases) to buy perfumes and cosmetics at duty-free shops. You will get the original product at a lower price.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the customs rules of the country you are going to especially for alcohol and tobacco. If you have purchased 10 bottles of rum, you will be allowed to depart, but you may have trouble when entering your destination country.
  • Do not forget about airlines’ rules. Companies may take an additional fee for all purchases made at duty-free shops as you will transport those goods in the cabin.
  • It is not recommended to by local souvenirs At duty-free shops as they usually cost higher than at local tourist places.