Luggage rules


There are several recommendations on how to transport your luggage safely and to avoid issues during security control:

It is required to learn transportation rules and pay particular attention to the information about the weight and dimensions of your hand luggage and registered luggage (that you will leave at the registration desk). You need to:

  1. Take an appropriate bag or suitcase.
  2. Take all valuable items in your hand luggage including jewelry, cash, notebook, camera and video camera as well as fragile souvenirs.
  3. Place in your hand luggage all gels and aerosols you need during the flight in a package that does not exceeds 100ml and than, place this package in a sealed and transparent bag.
  4. Pack all gels and aerosols that exceed 100ml into your registered luggage.
  5. Pack all sharp items into registered luggage.
  6. Follow your airline company’s rules about the number of hand luggage places in the cabin.
  7. Protect your luggage from damages and illegal manipulations by wrapping it in plastic (this service is available at the airport).

We advise including your luggage into the general insurance package and take your valuable items into your hand luggage as most of the airline companies are not responsible for those items, put into the registered luggage.

Luggage policy

Luggage rules

You can find out more about free luggage transportation on your ticket or on the airline company website. Pay attention to the information about the hand luggage.



Hand luggage: Passengers without WIZZ Priority are allowed to take only one piece of luggage as hand luggage for free (the dimensions should be no more than 40cm x 30cm x 20cm). As for the registered luggage, they can take a bag or a suitcase with the following dimensions: 149cm x119cm x 171cm. The weight must not exceed 32kg.

Luggage rulesHand luggage: 1 small bag for free (the dimensions should not exceed 35cm x 20cm x 20cm). Only the passengers with the priority can take two items of hand luggage on board. As for the registered luggage, they can book 10 or 20 kg for an additional fee. Those passengers will pay more if they purchase additional places for luggage at the airport.

PobedaHand luggage: small items can be taken for free (wallet, umbrella or books).  Registered luggage: 1 item (10kg maximum for a fee, the dimension should not exceed 203cm) or 1 or more items (20kg maximum for an additional fee the dimension should not exceed 203cm).