COVID-19: Israel Introduces Preventive Measures

New entry rules enter into force since March 12, 2020, at 20.00 local time. All visitors (from any country) should prove they have a place for home quarantine (excluding hotels) for 14 days. This rule is valid until March 26, 2020.
The visitors from the following countries: China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, Macao, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Andorra, and San Marino are not allowed to enter Israel since March 12, 2020, at 20.00 local time.
The entry from Jordan and Egypt is close but is the tourists in Israel have flights from Jordan and Egypt, they have to cross the border 6 hours prior to the flight (they need to have a ticket with them). The same rule is for the tourists from Jordan and Egypt departing from Israel.
Do not forget that it is better to avoid public transport. It is better to choose a taxi or transfer.