Recommendations for those who depart via Ramon International Airport

Recommendations for those who depart via Ramon International Airport


Before the flight

The first question every passenger has to ask first is how to get to the Ramon International Airport. We recommend reading “How to get to the airport”

Important notice

The passengers should be at the airport two hours prior to the flight but not later than 40 minutes before the takeoff (if there no recommendations from the airline company, tour operator or agency). The latest arrival time is indicated in the Conditions of transportation of the company you have chosen and may vary. Ryanair closes the check-in procedure one hour prior to the flight. If your tour operator or airline company notifies you about new takeoff time, you are required to arrive at the airport according to this new time

Passengers have to be in time for their flight and arrive at the airport in advance in order to pass all the necessary procedures, required by the airport including security and passport control.

Airport Ramon

Do not forget to:

Before you leave your house, please, check the following:

  1. You have switched off all electronic and gas devices.
  2. You have closed all the doors and windows.
  3. You have taken out the trash.
  4. You have taken care of your pets and plants.
  5. You have paid all your bills.
  6. You have given your reserve keys to those who you trust.

You need also to check if you have taken:

  1. Your personal documents including a valid passport or ID.
  2. All necessary entrance documents.
  3. Insurance documents.
  4. Board pass or vouchers (tickets to flight, documents confirming your hotel or apartment booking).
  5. Cash and credit cards.

Do not forget to take with you:

  1. Medicines that you need according to the duration of your voyage.
  2. Bubble gum or sweets to decrease the pressure influence during takeoffs and landings.
  3. A good book to have fun.

Valuable and fragile items such as cameras, video cameras, cash, jewelry, and others should be taken into your hand luggage.

What to do at Ramon International Airport

If you are traveling with registered luggage, do not forget to leave it at the registration desk of your flight.

During the security control, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Place your hand luggage to a tray.
  2. Take all liquids, pastes, gels and baby food out of your bag.
  3. If you have a laptop or tablet, put them to a separate box.
  4. Take off your coat or jacket.
  5. Get your belt off.
  6. Make sure you don’t have any metal objects in your pockets including keys, coins, mobile devices, etc.
  7. Once you have seen a signal, pass through a metal detector.
  8. Follow further instructions of the security service officer.

Some passengers may be asked to give some samples from their hand luggage items. Those samplers have no influence on passengers’ health.

You need to check, which flight gate you need to reach according to your airline company and your destination. If you are late, you may be excluded from your flight (according to the conditions of a company) without a right for compensation.

Important Note!

Passengers should follow the instructions, obey to control and registration administration and be polite when they are at the airport. Aggressive passengers are treated as a threat to the flight and may be excluded.

Passengers with signs of alcohol or narcotic intoxication may be considered as a risk for the flight.

Baby carriages

Ramon International Airport offers the opportunity for the passengers to carry their baby carriages until they are aboard. Those carriages should be registered when you are buying a ticket. They are not included in weight restrictions usually.

Mother and baby room

Mothers traveling with their children may benefit from special rooms, where they can feed their babies and change their clothes before the flight. Those rooms are equipped with a sink, shower, toilet, changing table as well as bottle and food heating devices.