Flight delays

Flight delays

The passengers have to check-in for the flight in the case when the flight is delayed. If the airline representative provides passengers with the exact time of flight, they are able to leave the airport and return timely in order to finish all the necessary procedures before the takeoff including security and passport control. Otherwise (when there is no information about the exact time of the flight), passengers are recommended staying at the airport in order to be aboard in time.

If the passengers have already passed passport control and are at the special security area, they can leave it in the following cases only:

  1. The delay will last for more than four hours.
  2. The passengers refused to depart.
  3. A passenger was excluded from the flight.
  4. The flight was canceled.

If the flight is delayed, the airline company has to provide passengers with compensation (food or accommodation, Internet or phone service) according to the European legislation. Service company (which may not be a part of the airport administration) delivers the appropriate compensation (such as food packages, vouchers, etc).