What to Do After Landing

What to Do After Landing at Ramon International Airport

What to Do After Landing at Ramon International Airport

Once your flight is over, do not forget to check the state of your luggage (it should not be damaged or broken).

If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged, you need to notify the Department for lost and found luggage right after you have arrived at the arrival area. You need to present a written report (PIR) describing your situation. All those reports are processed by the airline company if it has its representatives at the airport.

The most frequent reason for losing luggage is when it is loaded to another plane. The probability of losing luggage has grown with an increase in the number of passengers. We advise putting the most important items (medicines, toys, hygiene items) into your hand luggage.

Each case of losing luggage is thoroughly analyzed by the World Tracer Management. This system was designed to search for luggage worldwide. Some Mediterranean resorts are not subscribed for this system and the luggage is traces with telex there, which may cause additional delays.

The airline company is responsible for lost, damaged or stolen luggage. It is also responsible for searching and in most cases for delivering the lost luggage to passengers to the address, indicated in the written PIR report. If there no airline representatives at the airport, it has the right to hire any service company, which will act according to the airline company’s instructions. The amount of compensation depends on the conditions of a particular company. Time frames for searching for luggage in different classes may vary.

We advise including luggage into the general traveling insurance package and taking all valuable items into hand luggage.